We come across a lot of useful information that does not necessarily belong on the WaiterBell business blog. While the restaurant industry is very competitive, that does not mean restaurant professionals are not willing to share information, tips, and advice. There is a wealth of information scattered all over the internet.

Introducing the Tips WaiterBell blog, a place where restaurant professionals can find tips and advice about their industry and their customers. If you read any of the other WaiterBell blogs, there may be repeat postings, however most of the time, each blog will stay focused on its objective.

If you find the information here useful, we hope that you will also share your ideas, thoughts, and advice.



  1. Hello,
    I would like to inform you of a new website I have started. Bampages.com can help restaurant owners advertise their restaurant for free. This will help alleviate some marketing cost. Please forward this information to your reader.

    Thank you,
    Alis Peraza

  2. Ken Burgin said

    What happened? You guys were on a roll for a while there – hope to see you up to speed again soon…


  3. Susan Hickey said

    Can restaurant owners take tips? Info I have received say that it is illegal for restaurant owners to take tips.

  4. Hey, my name is Jorge and I work for ezlocal.com. It’s a local business search directory. We recently wrote an article “Getting Your Restaurant Review on Google: Top 5 Sites Picked up By Google Local Search” As I was cruising the web, I found that your blog was very informative and maybe this would be something that your readers may find interesting. We put a lot of time into finding the information for this and think this may be mutually beneficial for both blogs. There was no contact page so I left a Comment. Let me know if you would be interested in posting with a link. Thanks again.

  5. great site said

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