About WaiterBell


About WaiterBell

Want to change an entree, order additional drinks, or get the check, but don’t see the service staff? WaiterBell enhances the dining experience by giving customers the power to signal for assistance. Similar to the flight attendant button on airplanes, customers can signal the service staff with the touch of a button on the table.

The system is an effective, economical solution to safeguard a customer from being accidentally neglected and never returning. With WaiterBell in a restaurant, customers know that they can discreetly and reliably signal for service at any time, ensuring less waiting, less worry, and more customer satisfaction.

WaiterBell – Always there.

About Us

WaiterBell was started in Jan.2006 in Northern California after a trip overseas where the concept of empowered dining was being successfully practiced. The memorable dining experiences inspired the formation of this company.

Working with an established manufacturer and a proven product, we are introducing the WaiterBell system and idea of empowered dining to U.S. restaurants.

We believe that the WaiterBell solution empowers customers, enhances table service, and provides many benefits for everyone in the restaurant: customers, waitstaff, and managers.

Happy Eating!


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  1. victoria said

    Hi There

    Barkeeper.ie is an online resource for food and beverage professionals. Would it be possible to get a link of our site on yours so that hospitality professionals can be aware of our online downloads and checklists. We could in turn and a link to your site on ours..anyway check it out and let me know!


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