Article: “”Name game: Chefs who give their food silly names may not be so foolish.”


“The grosser a dish sounds the better. That’s the philosophy some chefs are adopting when coming up with names for dishes on their menu. From Kitchen Sink Chopped Salad to Debris Sandwich, chefs are giving food a bad name. Luckily, they’ve been able to convince customers the dishes taste better than they sound, and for many, the marketing gimmick has paid off.

San Pedro chef/co-owner Michael Goodman created the Fat Boy Man Salad at home a few years ago, when he wanted to eat more nutritiously. His vegetarian creation consisted of baby field greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, beets and green beans. It tasted terrific, but Goodman found it wasn’t enough to satisfy his hunger. Soon, he began super-sizing it.

“It was obnoxiously large,” says Goodman. “People started calling it the Fat Boy Man Salad.”

source: “Name game: Chefs who give their food silly names may not be so foolish.” by Nancy Ngo (Pioneer Press, Aug.3.2006)



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  4. Farooq said

  5. Point taken. There are other benefits of having interesting names. Even after ordering one may read through the menu once again. A name like Fat Boy Man Salad would stick to the mind, so one wouldn’t just say that The Dump was a good restaurant but also recommend the particular salad.
    I supply kitchen equipment and restaurant owners often fish for ideas. This is another one I have noted. Thanks.

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