Article: “Restaurant Equipment Tips: Are Energy Costs Eating Up Your Restaurant’s Profits?”


“We at Jean’s Restaurant Supply want you to succeed with your business venture and rising energy costs are on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Inefficient, or inefficient use of, food preparation equipment is the second-largest energy drain on your restaurant’s profits.

So here at Jean’s Restaurant Supply, we have compiled some energy-saving tips for your commercial ovens, stove/cook tops, fryers and broilers. In doing so, we hope that with the implementation of some of these energy-saving tips, your energy bill leaves you with some profits still on your plate…”

source: “Restaurant Equipment Tips: Are Energy Costs Eating Up Your Restaurant’s Profits?” by Patty Gardiner (

links of restaurant energy efficiency tips and advice:
Restaurant Energy Tips (
Energy Star)
Boosting Restaurant Profits With Energy Efficiency (Flex Your Power)
Restaurant Energy Saving Tips (
Energy-Saving Solutions for Restaurants (SempraEnergy)
Energy-Saving Tips
Restaurant Energy Conservation & Efficiency Tips
Restaurant Energy Analysis (NPPD)


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  1. The Endocube helps restaurants to be energy efficient as well, be sure to check it out if interested. Reduce energy costs and compressor wear and tear while keeping food safe and fresh. We have information on Facebook Twitter and our website ( Check us out.

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