Article: “Ads With That?” (Jul.2006)


“Bringing outside advertising to your customers can bring revenue to your restaurant.

OOH (Out Of Home) Vision Networks (ovn), an advertising and marketing firm, has partnered with Helius, Inc., a business-class data broadcasting company, to pump video advertisements into more than 100 retro diners in the Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey areas.

OVN CEO and President Craig Presser doesn’t mince words about the possibilities of this new advertising strategy. “It’s an exploding market, not even an emerging market,” he says. “Whether you’re in casual or quick-service, you’re going to see place-based media on screens.”

The chrome diners, which seat about 200 and are located in affluent areas, have been outfitted with five liquid crystal display televisions strategically located in order to grab the attention of as many patrons as possible.”

source: “Ads With That?” by Quinn Bowman (QSR, Jul.16,2006)


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  1. The marketing approach in the restaurant business is really changing – it’s become a more interactive, entertaining medium that it was before. Upgrading to these media screens is the next big thing, and will make the world of restaurant competition pretty interesting over the next few years.

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