Blog Post: “Staring at the wall” (Jun. 2006)


“Architects may spend millions designing a restaurant, but if you’re staring at a wall — even if it’s an elegant glazed plaster wall — does it really matter?

…This feeling of isolation can easily be remedied by incorporating a strip of mirroring above the booths, which allows the diners facing the wall to view the room and feel a part of the action.”

source: “Staring at the wall” by Michael Bauer (Between Meals, Jun.16,2006)


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  1. Fascinating! I didn’t know that was the purpose of the mirrors we commonly see in some restaurants. I thought it was to give an illusion of space.

    I rather feel naked when other people can see me in different angles although I don’t expect them to really look at me. I guess I am the wallpaper-and-paintings kind of person. I’d rather look at paintings or photos on wall and start a conversation with someone about them.

    I can’t start a conversation about mirrors, but I can probably start one about the guy sitting on the farthest right wall near the back. Mirrors in restaurants teach us to observe other people’s business. There’s nothing else to look at.

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