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Taken from the most recent issue:

One of the most popular topics is how to shave costs without sacrificing speed, quality, accuracy and service. Here’s the top ten most popular cost-control tips: Reward and recognize “waste-watchers.”

Remember that all money is not created equal; $100 in sales is $100…less taxes and expenses. $100 in savings is $100. If a team member contributes an idea that saves you $100, why not reward them with a $20 “commission”? Make it a habit to recognize and compliment your crew members who stick to the proper specs, portions and recipes. If you see it, say it…"

source: Sullivision E-Newsletter (, May 2006)



  1. Fred Scholz said

    Heard you speak at Boston Pizza Leadership Conference 2006 and would like the note from your speach.Thank You.



  3. Jeff Jannette said

    Please send me free newsletters

  4. enrique said

    please send me a free news letter

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