Reference: “Restaurant Staff Service Tips” (2003)

"This guide has been developed by Visa in order to provide service staff with guidelines and suggestions aimed at increasing service standards and gratuities.

This guide runs through a series of service techniques and standards, and makes useful suggestions that are easy to implement and may increase the level of ‘fun’ you have during your career. While the guide may seem a little weighty, any one of the suggestions offered, once implemented, could have an immediate impact on the quality of service you offer and the financial benefits you may receive."

source: "Restaurant Staff Service Tips" by Douglas P. Fisher (Visa Canada, 2003)

This is a free 31 page reference guide for restaurant waitstaff that was sponsored by Visa. Here is some information about the author:

"Doug was the 1997 and 2001 recipient of the Award for Excellence in Management Advisory Services from Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), an organization representing the leading foodservice consultants from more than 39 countries."

Here are additional free waitstaff resources.

Note: In addition to their free content, many of these sites also promote waitstaff training services and instructional materials. Newletter Archives
WaitersWorld Discussion and News Board (free membership)
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Tip20! – Service industry employee front of house information and resources

Restaurant Talking Points Blog Articles for Restaurant Workers
"Service-oriented: Pampering waiters stay in demand" by Mary Duan (San Jose Business Journal, Apr.2002)

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