Advice: “Restaurant Profit Tip of the Week” from


"Every week we send a free email on a profitable practice, technique, or strategy used by successful independent operators.

The Profit Tips are short, to the point, and cover a wide range of topic areas but are all highly relevant to managing an independent restaurant."

link: "Restaurant Profit Tip of the Week" from

Here is an excerpt from their 5/16/06 profit tip:

"How to Turn Disappointed Diners Into Loyal Customers

The moral of the story is that the business may have cost $10 of product by comping the meal but the manager took a potentially disastrous situation which may have even involved a lawsuit and turned it into a very positive one.

…The point is that bad situations will happen, nobody can control everything, but "how the situation is handled" is what is truly important."

Note that the site is an impressive fee-based membership site and most links on the site will lead to a login page for members. Also after the free profit tip, the newsletter will promote member-only resources. However there are some free articles of interest:

How to Create a Winning Restaurant Business Plan
Noise Control Strategies for Startup Restaurateurs
The Easiest Way to Cut Your Food Cost 10%
Thirteen Ways to Prevent Theft Behind the Bar
How to Conduct Effective Pre-Shift Meetings
Maintaining a Positive Climate

…more free articles



  1. […] Note: "Restaurant Startup & Growth" magazine is linked to the site which is a fee-based membership site. Most links on the site will lead to a login page for members, however there are many free articles scattered around the site. We have linked to some of them at the TipsWaiterBell blog. […]

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