Article: “Give a Boost, Get a Boost” (May 2006)


"How do you get the boost? That’s what every restaurant owner is thinking this time of year. After a slow, mundane, stressful winter- one that ate up most, if not all and them some, of your cash reserves, we suddenly want the bank account, customer count and sales counts to soar. Sorry. That won’t be happening too soon. As a matter of fact, it may not be happening as quickly as you want or need it too.

…The first thing every owner needs to do is to protect their biggest assets- the staff that has struggled with them for the past months. Frequently frustrated owners, especially those without the experience of facing a bear’s style winter of customer hibernation, react foolishly and look to blame the lack of business on staff performance. This is pure ego foolishness on an owner’s part."
source: "Give a Boost, Get a Boost" by John Foley (The Restaurant Blog, May 9,2006)

John Foley's blog is one of the few free restaurant resources that provides restaurant owners with fresh advice on a daily basis. "The Restaurant Blog" is hosted by, which is filled with free resources on a variety of business topics.


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