Article: “Liquid assets: 15 ways to boost beverage sales” (Apr.2006)

"Meanwhile, sitting alone, unattended, tucked into the corner in tiny type on the last page of the menu, sits the redheaded stepchild of top-line sales: the beverage selection. Overlooked more often than an O'Doul's in Ted Kennedy's fridge, the beverage menu is sadly underpromoted and overlooked by most operators.

Sure they'll occasionally spotlight the alcohol or wine menu, but it's time to wake up and smell the soda, too. The gross profit margins on beverages are astronomical compared with food, yet, strangely, most beverage incidence–the ratio of beverages sold to food sold–is less than 10 percent. Opportunity knocks, so here are a few ideas to help start managing your beverage sales like the profit center they are.
source: "Liquid assets: 15 ways to boost beverage sales" by Jim Sullivan (Apr.3,2006)

We come across a lot of useful information that does not necessarily belong on the WaiterBell business blog. While the restaurant industry is very competitive, that does not mean restaurant professionals are not willing to share information, tips, and advice. One great example of this is the Restaurant Report site. However there is a wealth of information scattered all over the internet.

Introducing the Tips WaiterBell blog, a place where restaurant professionals can find tips and advice about their industry and their customers. If you read any of the other WaiterBell blogs, there may be repeat postings, however most of the time, each blog will stay focused on its objective. Please also note, when articles are posted, to check the author and their restaurant affiliation to better understand the information being provided.

If you find the information here useful, we hope that you will also share your ideas, thoughts, and advice.


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